About Us


"Ignis started as a school project back in 2017 when one of my teachers showed me a makeshift serigraph (the machine used for screen prints). I tried it once and loved it. I started creating Hoodies and T-shirts using the screens I created. I also used other mediums like vinyl and direct to garment printing. This is where I discovered my passion for designing streetwear for myself and my friends. Now it has turned into my main passion. I love creating the designs and content for my brand".

-Ian Urquhart

Ignis Clothing is focused on dismantling perfectionism in order to promote creativity. Ignis is for all those who create. And for all those who create, remember it is a messy process. Creativity is like a fire. You need to let it spread in every way possible. Perfectionism is like a box. Preventing your fire to spread. Embrace your imperfections. Work to your best ability. Always remember where you started. Ignis is the light that will guide you.