About Us


"Ignis started as a school project back in 2017 when one of my teachers showed me a makeshift serigraph (the machine used for screen prints). I tried it once and loved it. I started creating Hoodies and T-shirts using the screens I created. I also used other mediums like vinyl and direct to garment printing. This is where I discovered my passion for designing streetwear for myself and my friends. Now it has turned into my main passion. I love creating the designs and content for my brand".

-Ian Urquhart


Ignis clothing Is a lifestyle brand whose mission it is to motivate humanity to confidently be themselves. To inspire positivity and passion. To evoke going with YOUR flow.


The word "Ignis" comes from the Latin word meaning fire.

So, tell us what fires you up? What gets you up everyday to pursue your dreams? Let us know on our social medias.

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Have A Fire Day!!!

-Your friends at Ignis Clothing